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Imagine if you will, for the first time in history a venerated senior Maasai elder will sit in front of a small, crowded Maasai classroom to tell the children a story of the long ago. Both the school children and the grandfather will know that during the night (the no time) their images and words will be mysteriously transmitted by the Internet to thousands of students in American classrooms. And the next day a dialogue will begin between diverging Maasai generations and between vastly different cultures.

To prevent the Maa language, the Maasai lifestyle and the legends, myths, rituals, laws and stories from ever being forgotten, these events will be recorded and archived for future generations. Today, Maasai oral history makes up the cultural foundation of the Maasai Universe -- and the advent of Internet technology brings them to yet another crossroad that leads to historical and cultural change. During the month of January, Maasai children and American students will be able to discuss these ideas, share insights and exchange values on our Field Journal. Please join us.


"This sounds like an amazing way to preserve the precious words of a culture and use technology as a field trip. I may never be able to afford a trip to Africa on my teacher's salary, but I feel closer already!"
PS 261, Third Grade, Brooklyn, NY


To participate in the Maasai Oral Histories Project, simply register and Download the coordinated Study Guide.

The following schools are participating:

Mitthrail Homeschool Co-op, Monrovia, MD
Naples Park Elementary, Mendicino, CA
Manchester Elementary School, Manchester, MA
Aydelette Academy (homeschool), Oak Ridge, NC
Piatt Homeschool, Frederick, MD
Brauer Home School, Frederick, MD
The Homeschool Zone, Little rock, AR
Heart and Hands Academy, Fort Worth, TX
RoK Academy, Grapevine, TX
Taylor Homeschool, Mount Airy, MD
Milpitas High School, Milpitas, CA
CSU, Northridge, Northridge, CA
University of LaVerne, Claremont, CA
Fallbrook High School, Fallbrook, CA
Claremont Graduate University, Redondo Beach, CA
Sultana Elementary School, Alta Loma, CA
Naples Park Elementary, Naples, FL
University of Denver, Denver, CO
PS 261, Brooklyn, NY
TUG School of Design, Stamford, CT
Rumson Country Day School, Red Bank, NJ
Hillsboro, Edgartown, MA
Martha's Vineyard Regional High School, MA